Marching: From a Still Perspective 

Jamison Writes

Briefly, I want to do a round-up on the January 21st protests. I will, for the most part, keep my commentary to a minimum. However, I do want to say how proud I was to see such an enormous amount, and diverse group of people coming together, not just for the greater good of our country and humanity, but for the issues closest to their hearts. I saw people marching for science and climate change, for women’s rights, for disability rights, or for no other reason than we elected a man unfit to be president. It was such a beautiful thing. And from my physical vantage point it was almost shocking to see so many people congregate. When you’ve been stuck in a room, which at most holds five people, you forget how many people are actually out in the world.

Throughout the day friends and family sent me photos…

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